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Principals Month

National School Principals Month
Posted on 10/31/2017
National School Principal MonthThis October CECA StuCo would like to recognize Mr. Martinez and Ms. Bailon for being our AMAZING Principals!
Their tireless work leads to our success in present and future endeavors. Their choice of leading our innovative school, Clint ISD Early College Academy, is an admirable and inspiring. We are lucky to have these two individuals who support, care, motivate, manage our campus and provide us with endless opportunities.
In order to further appreciate our principals, StuCo conducted a challenge for Principal Appreciation Month! Our challenge was to take pictures with both of our wonderful administrators and post an appreciation post on social media, here are the winners of the challenge!
Thank you Patriots for participating, and thank you Mr. Martinez and Ms. Bailon for all your hard work and ensuring that CECA is the best place to be!